Xmas Desktop 3D Screensaver

Xmas Desktop 3D Screensaver

Let Christmas comes alive on your PC desktop with these beautiful 3D Xmas scenes
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Are you looking for a different kind of screensaver for your PC?
Are you tired of all those complex animations and beautiful landscapes?
Even of those that can display your favorite slideshow?
Xmas Desktop #3D Screensaver puts your screen in motion.

This amazing screensaver is definitely very different than the classic screensavers available in the web. You won’t be seeing nice images, or funny animations.

First of all, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful cottage somewhere in a forest covered with snow. The Christmas decorations, the lights and the smoke coming out from the chimney, are a clear invitation for you to come in and share this joyous holiday.

Outside, a can of milk and a couple of gifts in the mailbox.
All of a sudden, beautifully wrapped presents start appearing on your screen and circling around the place.
They continue doing it, and suddenly, the whole screen begins to slant backwards! The effect is awesome. Your whole desktop starts to “lie down”, until it gets to a completely horizontal position, with the gifts still circling over it.
Then, a sign that wishes you Merry Christmas appears on the bottom of the screen.
All the time, beautiful Christmas music makes the scene even more festive.

You will surely enjoy Xmas Desktop 3D Screensaver. It will let you celebrate Christmas and anticipate your gifts all year long.

Fernando Soni
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